Friday, May 13, 2016

 「sugar fairy」
Good afternoon! Originally I had this done really late last night but then I got super tired.. I think I drank too much tea too late. -cries- I need to remind myself not to drink tea at 3AM. New goodies from Ayashi, Altair, alaskametro, and Arise today!

Totally unrelated to today's goodies (kinda?), but TSG has a group gift out now for both April and May; you get 1000L in credit! If you haven't heard and you're a member of the VIP group, make sure you head over and grab it when you can! <3 Good night!

{ credits } 

Collar | ALTAIR* locked heart collar .pink. {dark style fair} . starts tomorrow!
Compact | .tsg. Pink Bronzer Compact
Dress | ALTAIR* eilfie dress .pink. -maitreya (exp) fitmesh- {kawaii project} . starts may 15th!
Eyes | .ARISE. Nana Eyes / Brown {thrift shop} . new~
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nodoka hair {hairology} . new~
Nails |  alaskametro<3 "Color Trends" nails RARE - Rose Quartz {on9} . new~
Shoes | .tsg. Ruffle Heels - Pink
Wings | .tsg. Glass Wings - Pink [Type 2]