Tuesday, May 10, 2016

 「truly enchanting」
Helloo~ I got into blog mode even though I was going to take a day or two for myself, and after a quick search I found this beautiful place and just knew it would turn out great. That pretty much made my mood for the day, although so did one of my good friends sending me a Resident Evil game for my birthday (tomorrow, but it's tomorrow in his timezone!). Today feels nice, so I'll share a little bit of that with you in a blog post. :D

New hair, and new outfit! Hope you enjoy the day~ Before I forget, I took the picture at Mystical Forest and Enchanted Gardens of Tranquility! (That's a mouthful.)

{ credits }

Collar | Pink Acid Bow Trinket Choker - Black N Gold {the chapter four} . new~
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) YOONA EYES #l-brown
Feet Wraps | *MUKA* Feetwrap Rosa Dark - Left (High Slink)
Garter | Sweet Thing. Blood Pentagram Trick Garter
Gloves | *BOOM* Dame Elbow Gloves (cherry velvet)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Aella [Balayage HUD] {vip group gift} . new~
Hair Accessories | .tsg. Hair Ornament Peony Clips - Red
Orb | .snaphappy. The Magician's Orb (6)
Pose | .snaphappy. The Magician (6)
Shorts | Mesh_Ladies Denim Shorts V3
Skin | (*ANGELICA) SORA :honeypink: {vip group gift} . new~
Staff | *HolliPocket* Princess Fufu Wand-Goth Black
Top | *Cila*Betta Princess Dark {the fantasy gacha} . new~