Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Friday~ I spent yesterday busting my ass at my aunt's boyfriend's to help him clean up the place with my sister! My arms hurt like hell. LOL It was definitely not as bad as I thought, although the area is creepy because of how closed off it is. 

I'm probably done with these events I said.. as I do another post. -laugh- I think Vintage Fair is what got me really hyped to blog. I'm really enjoying the stuff for this event. And I hope you do too! Okay, I'm going to actually try to get in a break for a few days or so and take it easy. (Yeah, let's see how long that lasts. Wish me luck. lol) Mwah!

{ credits } 

Cocktail Set | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Cocktail Tray {vintage fair} . new~
Couch | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu Couch {vintage fair} . new~
Curtain | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu Curtain {vintage fair} . new~
Divider | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu Screen {vintage fair} . new~
Flowers | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu Carnations {vintage fair} . new~
Frames | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu Triptych {vintage fair} . new~
Heels Deco | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Decor Heels {vintage fair} . new~
Table | Kaerri Malibu Vintage Fair Set - Malibu End Table {vintage fair} . new~

Eyes | .ARISE. Sun Eyes / Blue
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Blanche {vintage fair} . new~
Heels | - Taylor.Booties (Coal) - Maitreya {c88} . new~
Outfit | The Annex - Bristol Set - Black - Maitreya
Pose | oOo studios - introduction_five {vintage fair} . new~
Stockings | AviCandy - Vintage Hosiery Collection {vintage fair} . new~