Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello lovelies! Happy July!! I ended up going to bed super late last night and then woke up to a god awful thunderstorm with tons of booming thunder. Didn't really sleep too well as it was so that was a bit frustrating! Hopefully I'll be able to get some better sleep tonight. 

I'm stopping in today to bring you some more goodies from Gacha Guardians that will be open to the public tomorrow. It is however open for early access for the SL Blogger Support group right now, so I'll provide you guys a link if you happen to be in the group but didn't see the notice. How excited are you for this round? I also put together an outfit with some new things from CMYK, mignon, Kirin and Imeka to show you too. Hope you like!

{ credits }

Bag | LAGOM - Summertime Drift - Beachbag [04] @ gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Cocktails | [V/W] Cocktails Tray II gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Drinks | [V/W] 3 Fruit Cocktails gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Flip-flops | LAGOM - Summertime Drift - Deco flipflops [08] gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Icecream | [V/W] Ice Cream Tray gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Parasol | [V/W] Elegant Pool Umbrella gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Pineapple with Slices | [V/W] PIneapple Plate gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Pool Lounge (Blue) | [V/W] Poolside Bed gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Pool Lounge (Red Blanket) | [V/W] Poolside Bed Simple gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Radio | [V/W] RadioCube Blue 
gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Side Table | [V/W] Pool Side Table gacha guardians OPENS TODAY
Tray Stand | [V/W] Drink Cart V2 
gacha guardians OPENS TODAY

Dress | #6"mignon." -sailor Tee dress. [Maitreya exp] -Chibiusa- @ crystal heart festival
Eyes | .tsg. Magic Eyes - Dark Brown cutie loot exclusive
Hair | {Imeka} Mandy Hair @ hair fair COMING SOON
Heels | [BREATHE]-Lynn Heels-M.LARA cutie loot exclusive
Ice Pop | CMYK// freeze pop berry @ project se7en NEW
Nails | #12"mignon." -sailor stripe nails. [Maitreya] -Mars- crystal heart festival NEW
Popsicle | CMYK// ice pop berry project se7en NEW
Poses | Kirin - Summer Fun! Pose 3 1
Kirin - Summer Fun! Pose 6 1 @ summerfest NEW
Stockings | Entice - A Fine Romance Stockings - Omega - Lights

You can also view the post at GimmeGacha.