Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hello! I think I'm catching my mom's damn cold.. I can feel it in my throat. Either that or I'm fighting it off, which is what I hope is going on. She and my stepdad will be gone for a week starting this weekend so I'm happy to have the house to myself so I can clean and have it look nice..til they get back, since that's always a thing. I'd hate to be sick on a week I'm supposed to enjoy myself.

I'm sharing some goods for Imaginarium again. I guess I just felt like doing some sort of school punk look. I know there's no way a legitimate school would have this kind of look, but I'm an adult so that's irrelevant. -laugh- Hope you like!

{ credits }

Board | CMYK// 3. blackboard
Build | CMYK// 8. happy ending class rare
Desks | CMYK// 1. school desk set

Bangs | *barberyumyum*bangs
Eyes | {DEMICORN} Carnival Eyes - Choco @ imaginarium
Eyeshadow | [okkbye] Sonder Eyeshadow (CATWA)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Gigi
Hairbows | Sweet Thing. Celi White Hair Bows
Heels | lassitude & ennui Alice boots fatpack - (Maitreya Lara) @ we <3 rp
Labret Piercing | -SU!- Piercing Set 04 Labret (Catwa Lona) @ the chapter four
Lashes | MICHAN - Maddie Set [Catwa]
Lipgloss | -SU!- Nude Lip Gloss Collection +CATWA APPLIER+ @ anyBODY
Nails | alme.   Flower Gacha - RARE 1 @ imaginarium
Nose Piercing | -SU!- Piercing Set 04 Nose Studs @ the chapter four
Phone | #Foxy - Magical Cat Girl Phone
School Books | Anachron - School Books Gacha - Homeroom Cutie @ imaginarium
Shorts | ~Nerido~ Jessica Short (Maitreya)-Black @ imaginarium
Tattoo | CURELESS[+] Kitten Infusion / COLOR / @ kawaii project
Top | ~Nerido~ Jessica T-Shirt (Maitreya)-Black @ imaginarium

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