Monday, October 2, 2017

Hi loves! Today's a new day (thank goodness, yesterday was awful) and I decided to start it out with blogging because..well, why not. Absolutely everything I have on today is from Gacha Guardians, I got excited for all the new loot. It's very Halloween-like! So maybe you'll see a lot of those looks throughout the month from me since it's my favorite time to dress up. We'll see! Credits below, make sure you read them!

{ credits } 

Basket | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Clothing basket] #15 @ gacha guardians 
Book Pile | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Bookclutter] #11 gacha guardians NEW
Build | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Barn] #01 ULTRARARE gacha guardians NEW
Cage | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [BirdHangout] GOG gacha guardians NEW
Chair | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Chair] #02 RARE gacha guardians NEW
Decorative Window | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Deco Window] #05 UNCOMMON gacha guardians NEW
Fireplace | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Fireplace] #04 UNCOMMON gacha guardians NEW
Lamp | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Lamp] #10 gacha guardians NEW
Rug | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Rug] #08 gacha guardians NEW
String Lights | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Stringlight] #07 gacha guardians NEW
Table | LAGOM & {BabyBurp} INNOCENT [Table] #09 gacha guardians NEW

Boots | Luas Cute Witch Boots Black 
gacha guardians NEW
Dress | Luas Cute Witch Dress RARE gacha guardians NEW
Eyes | {Demicorn} Siren Eyes Catwa - Demsel gacha guardians NEW
Gloves | Luas Cute Witch Bento Gloves Black gacha guardians NEW
Hair | pr!tty - Babydoll gacha guardians NEW
Hat | Luas Cute Witch Hat Pink gacha guardians NEW
Necklace | Luas Cute Witch Choker FREE gacha guardians NEW
Pose | *{( konpeitou )}* walk -L-
Stockings | Luas Cute Witch Socks Pink 
gacha guardians NEW

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