Friday, November 3, 2017

Hey loves! I did this post last night before bed so I'd have it ready for you today. The title is basically how I felt yesterday after I took so long to do the blog post from yesterday, so I decided to try and fix that. I have more goodies from Gacha Garden today! And a pair of these nice gartered socks for FLF from CURELESS. Hope you like!

{ credits }

Ashtray | Soy + Toro. Heartshaped Ashtray
Bed | [[RH]] FUTON
Bills | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Overdue Bills @ gacha garden NEW
Build | 1,[[RH]] YUUKAKU -Building- RARE
Catalog | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Takeout Flyer gacha garden NEW
Chopsticks | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Chopsticks gacha garden NEW
Cola Container | .01 [ kunst ] - Cold-cola carrier RARE 
gacha garden NEW
House Key | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Home Keys gacha garden NEW
Lamp | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Old Lamp gacha garden NEW
Laptop | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Laptop gacha garden NEW
Phone | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Phone gacha garden NEW
Soda | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Diet Soda gacha garden NEW
Table | RARE - AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Lonely Table gacha garden NEW
Take Out Containers | AsteroidBox. Dinner for one - Takeout Food 
gacha garden NEW

Garters | .:::G.ID:::. Sayomi Garters Black-Maitreya
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Zirna [
for hocus pocus]
Panties | :Moon Amore: Lust /  Panty (Onyx)
Pose | *BunnyBon* Poprock - Sit P4 {M}
Socks | CURELESS[+] Anxiety Garters / MAITREYA [
for FLF] NEW
Top | -Pixicat- Blush.Top - Black (Maitreya)

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