Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Okay, so first off, this took quite a bit of time to put together (like 7 hours.. not the longest weirdly enough!). Mostly because of how many separate photos I took to show off the details of stuff and setting up the decor with how I envisioned it. Not that I have a problem with the amount of time it took! I just always hated how I'd spend hours decorating and then leave it out of the posts (or just behind my avi) where you couldn't really see how much effort I put into it. So I'm glad that I finally decided to do things differently, including a full picture of the decor along with my normal blog posts. I still feel like there's areas I could always improve, but I'm thankful to the decor stores I blog for that allow me to continue to come up with inspiration for the background. Next year I hope I'll be able to do a mix of home & decor as well as fashion blogging. I guess we will have to see~ Here is the decor post by itself.
There is honestly too many new things to name today because they're from a mix of events/place, so let me get to the credits and clue you in on where you can get these festive goodies. I will tell you that one of those things is this new skybox from Onsu called Holly. I have photos for you so you can see how gorgeous it is inside. Honestly, Onsu always outdoes themselves with each release in my eyes. They may not release very often, but when they do it's always a pleasant surprise and something I simply adore. Take a look for yourself and see what you think!
{ credits }

*AF* Cookie Swap (01 - Stand 1 RARE//02 - Stand 2 RARE//03 - Table//04 - Cookie Jars//11 - Cookie Bags) @ imaginarium
Ariskea[Hustler] Vintage Console
Ariskea[Season of Giving] Wreath
Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Cabinet Storage
Astralia - Cozy radiator (VIU gift) Xmas
[Black Bantam] Seasons Cupcake Decor @ the arcade
b.v Christmas Tree Cookie
b.v Frame with trees light (A-type)
C L A Vv. Light Studio -Table with Canvases
CMYK// Remember light A+B @ christmas around the world NEW
DISORDERLY. / Holiday Glamour / Ornament Candles / Gold
[Geist] 2018 Xmas tree Late at night @ christmas around the world NEW
{ID} Pohutukawa Cake @ christmas around the world NEW
ionic - where is my shelf?
[ keke ] glass art - love
MICHAN - Nastar And Sweets [gold] @ christmas around the world NEW
Onsu ~ "Holly" Skybox ~ NEW
[[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE- (8 Candy display//10 Cookie set//13 Side table with net (Red)//17 Shoes ornament//18 Holiday Poster (Christmas))
Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 - Artist Desk and Plant
tarte. holiday tree
tarte. polished stone light (gold)
tarte. tiny tree (brass)
{vespertine} - artsy moodboard 10
{vespertine} floor confetti cover /gold
{vespertine}- shine bright frame gift

outfit details.
[Black Bantam] Red Nose Reindeer Pup @ chapter four
[Black Bantam] Santa Hat For You! Red @ epiphany
Blah. [Kylie Pumps] Red NEW
Caboodle - Tangled String Lights
{CowTea} Lexy Lipsticks [Catwa]
HORNTAIL - [CRIMSONRED]  Mahiru Maitreya Off Shoulder Sweater
[LeLuck]Metallic Eyeshadow Willow Catwa @ girl power NEW
LOTUS. Sparkle Eyes 02 (Catwa) @ vanity
:: MOMOCHUU :: CATWA skin applier - Hina - chocolate tea
*Rainbow Sundae* Snowflake Blush CATWA girl power NEW
Schadenfreude Red Star Recycled Bead Necklace @ christmas around the world NEW
Wednesday[+] ~ Taeyeon Eyebrows
Wednesday[+] ~ Vampy Eyelashes

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