Sep 9, 2013

Hey all! I decided to experiment a bit and managed to find some cute customized layouts.. so I went ahead and changed things up! Hope it looks cool~ I also thought I'd do something interesting with the pictures.. since it looked pretty strange and unorganized otherwise! If I want to attract people, it's probably better to fix that huh? Hopefully this is a little better, plus you get more photos!

Anyway, so I went to Bitter Bunnies' with my friend Pinny earlier in the day after we had finished browsing around other shops, and she got a few things. Now, I'd been debating on grabbing myself the jumper skirts ever since I saw someone in the dark blue one.. which was super adorable! Pinny got herself one as well and she looked adorable as well, so I finally caved in and got myself one. For the super low price of 80L, how could I NOT?

Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Studio in Brown 05 **No longer available**

Blouse - Intrigue Blouse in Black

Jumper Skirt - Sweetheart Suspender Skirt in Black

Socks - Woolen Lace Stockings in Black

Pumps - Mirirose Pumps in Floral Black