Nov 13, 2013

Tonight is a post for the lovely Ghanima, the owner of Blue Blood! I had a very pleasant experience with meeting her today and we chatted for a bit before heading off to eat dinner. I've admired her clothing for a while, especially since a lot of it tends to fall under the gothic lolita category, so it was a pleasure to speak with her and to be told I could blog for her! I also found a really lovely skin today that I will probably use more frequently, since I'm starting to find things to critique on the shape I made for TSG Luna's skin. Here's your first glimpse of it (or not, if you own/have seen the skin before) .. Now, on to the good stuff!

Outfit Goodies:
Skin - Delilah in Pure

Eyelashes - Moody Falsies

Dress - Berenice in Black

Socks - Baby Ankle Socks in White

Shoes - Platform Cuties in Black & White **The Arcade**
fashionably dead

Photos taken at Rokumeikan.

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