Nov 16, 2013

By goodies I don't mean they're free, by the way.. just that this post is designated towards W&R, what with there being more than one item by Almarea this time! 

Are you ready for winter? I'm... not, irl anyway, but at the same time I guess I am. I love to decorate according to the season on my land in Second Life. I went a little crazy this year, setting up lights and Christmas decorations (still working on it) before the middle of November! Saves me from having to do it last minute at least.. which is one thing that I would like to avoid if possible! How about you guys? Do you procrastinate until the last minute something needs to be (or should be) done, or do you like to get things done ahead of time to avoid the stress and anxiety? I'll be moving soon which I totally should be packing for, though most of my stuff is in NY right now, so I guess in a sense I don't like to do EVERYTHING ahead of time, but at the same time we're also unsure of where we're going. We've seen a few really nice places but they were either already taken or we're waiting to see if they want us or not. We're hoping to get the town house we looked at, but if the odds aren't in our favor, hopefully something else works out (that ISN'T noisy as hell, like the current place we're staying in with this gal. We're actually going to be looking at another place tomorrow afternoon! Do you have anything planned to busy up your month with?

Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Bella in Reds05Fade

Necklace - Mermaid Wish Necklace **Group Gift**

Top/Vest - Creepy Cutie 03

Arm Tattoo - Take Me to the Stars

Ring -  Star Ring o5 RARE **Gacha**
Witches & Rats

Sandals -  Signature Sandals for SLINK feet in Black (with Slink Feet in Flat)