Nov 18, 2013

Hello to all you beautiful people out there! How was your weekend? Well, I hope. Mine was exceptional. I tried to get into Shoetopia just to have a look around.. didn't manage to find the store I was looking to get some new pairs of shoes from, which is a bummer! But I didn't exactly have the chance, considering the gigantic amount of lag right now. I'll have to go back later! Other than that.. I got a package, but I'm staying with a friend and they're in an apartment complex, where apparently if the mailman doesn't recognize the name on a package, they just bring it back to the post office without checking to see if the person is residing there. I'm hoping we can pick that up tomorrow with no issues. Kind of annoying! But ah, what can you do. I'll be out of here and into a town house on the 1st, so it's something! No more mail issues after that (or loud neighbors above us)!

Anyway! So I went on a mini shopping spree and bought a bunch of cute things from TSG (among a few other places) that I plan to show off in future entries. I also got a few more goodies from Witches and Rats as well, so those will be appearing soon along with the others!

Outfit Goodies:
Prim Teeth - Vampire Teeth in Normal

Hair - Dare

Top - Scoop Neck Crop Top in Sugar

Shorts - Bleached Denim Shorts in Black

Socks - Toeless Socks in Black @ The Azz Show

Shoes - Sexy Bow Heels

Pictures taken at Fotoscope.