Nov 19, 2013

Oh man, what's this? Saka's wearing pink? Well, if you know me personally (or even online) you know I have a huge obsession for anything Hello Kitty. Despite my usual dark outfits, I would give that up just to wear something with Hello Kitty on it. That was pretty much the point of this outfit. ..So, guess who successfully got into Shoetopia! I was worried that I would never be able to make it before it closed, which saddened me because I really wanted some of the shoes there! I figured out that the landing point I was going to was somehow at the bottom of the ground where the event was, rather than up in the air where the actual event was taking place. I kept thinking it was broken, so I'm glad it wasn't the case. I went and splurged at BOOM's for some fantastic Slink shoes (also ended up buying the slink feet too, I only had the flat ones before). I totally should have sported a jacket in this look! It's too cold to run around in tiny tops for the season, now that winter is approaching.. -shivers- Oh well, I'm a rebel!

Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Calm

Lips - Subtle Lip Gloss in Pink

Top - Half Top {Hello Kitty}

Pants - Coral Jeans

Feet - Female Feet (AvEnhance) in Mid

Shoes - Posey Pumps in Bubblegum @ Shoetopia LINK

Pictures taken at Utopiah.