Dec 22, 2013

Hey all you lovely people! Today's post is another simple yet cutesy look. I've been trying to go for those a little more often than not. This dress makes me feel all warm and cozy accented with a santa hat and cute legwarmer boots. So, last night, I thought about changing my Second Life nickname to something else, due to all the ill memories attached to it. But then I realized, a name is a name. It's only associated with what you make it associated with. So I'm going to leave it, since there are also good memories attached to it as well. That's all I need to think about, when I remember the real meaning behind Sakakyoku. Wise melody.

So I took a trip to RMK last night to check out the Frost Fair and grab a few things and decided that was where I'd be taking pictures today! Also, I've been eyeballing katat0nik's new Collabor88 release since a couple weeks ago, same with Trompe Loeil's cheap and beautiful new mesh lakehouse, Willoughby.  I was really sad since I wasn't sure I'd be able to afford the fatpack before the end of the month like I wanted, since my income for this month has been terribly low. But low and behold, I got it! And I'm happy.  I also bought the lakehouse, because even though I have no real use for it right now, it was only 88L. And it's totally worth a lot more than that. Best Christmas presents to myself, ever! Have you gone and spoiled yourselves or your loved ones/friends yet? I hope so!

Outfit Goodies:
Antlers: Santa Accessory - Horn in Brown

Hat: Santa Hat 03

Hair: Lyra 2 in Red

Earrings: Star Tree Earrings in Red

Eyeshadow: RedShine

Eyes: Shattered in Rotten

Lips: Honey Lipbalm 11

Dress: Cozy Knit Jumper Dress in Red
katat0nik @ Collabor88

Nails: Christmas Gift Slink Nails Applier Hands&Feet

Socks: Toeless Socks in White

Boots: Cozy Boots in Red
katat0nik @ Collabor88

Photos taken at RMK Gothic.