Jan 23, 2014

Ahh.. I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging as much as usual and that this post is kinda.. lacking in photos? I bought a ton of stuff to share with you guys though, so you will definitely (hopefully) see more from me soon! Tomorrow I'll be showing you some stuff from Chop Shop because I feel like I've been neglecting them. In truth it's that I need a lot of time to think of an outfit to put together to blog that stuff, which I haven't had. </3 

When I get into things, like work for my site, I tend to do them from start to finish without many breaks. It's so bad for me! But it's some sort of obsessive behavior I do without realizing, and I've been trying to cut down on it. Hopefully I can slowly start to fix that.. I'm too hard of a worker sometimes! I wish I had someone on my shoulder at all times to be like "Hey, stop that! You need a break!" Alas I don't, so I'll have to try and be that little guy on my shoulder myself. Time to coach myself!

Outfit Goodies:
Hair: Melita

Face / Body -
Skin: Mokatana in Artic 01 A
Glam Affair @ Cosmetic Fair

Eyes: Hime Eyes in Chocolate
[Buzzeri] @ Kustom9

Lipgloss: Chu Lips in Sakura
The Sugar Garden @ Cosmetic Fair

Top: Ringer Top in Maroon

Pants: Tasty Butt Jeans Pearls

Boots: My Winter Boots in Brown
ionic @ The Chapter Four

Accessories -
Phone: Miki Phon in Black GACHA
VCO :: { http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petit%20Coeur/54/130/24 }

Nails: Cross - Slink Nails NEW
Witches & Rats @ SL Fashion Week

Wearisome Set
SKBIO animations @ The Chapter Four

Photos taken at MARIKO&VCO.