Jan 29, 2014

Hi lovelies! Today's outfit was actually supposed to be yesterday's, but it's better I show it later than never, right? If you've read my other entries, you know I love anything and everything that has crosses or skulls on it. The other day I found a shop that had some cross leggings and it gave me an idea for an outfit. Unfortunately I didn't use them in this after all, but then I went to the Hipster Fair and found some cute little shorts with crosses on them. So I made do!

I've been redecorating my house area a bit (not the house itself, mind you.. which is rare, because people who know me know that I like to change my house every other week) with some things I've found. I kept debating on whether or not to have them shown in my photos, but I'll save that for another post! Especially since I don't want to make an entire post about house items (as nice as that sounds). I really love being able to make my blog posts later in the night because then I have all of the actual day to do whatever, like play games or mess around on Second Life. I haven't had much time to myself lately.. so I suppose I should try and fit some me time in.

Outfit Goodies:
Hair Bow: My Spiked Bow GIFT

Nails: Slink Applier TRICOLOR -white- Fingernails

Necklace: Necklace "Magic's Secrets"

Piercing: Against the Stream [Metal]
Hebenon Vial

Ring: Black Cross SET
Room of Amo

Top: sweater "Dark future"

Shorts: Cross Black Short
Ninety @ Hipster Fair

Socks: Skeem Socks (inverted cross)
C h a r y.

Face / Makeup-
Eyes: Luminate in Dark Brown
The Sugar Garden 

Lips: Rockabilly Matte Lipstick Set (Raven)

Shoes: Privileged Wedges Noir FOR SLINK MEDIUM FEET

Hair: Early in HUD01

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