Jan 28, 2014

Firstly, I'm sorry I didn't have an outfit ready to go and blogged by the end of the day. Unfortunately after I had just finished making my look for the day, my body decided it was a great time to have an anxiety attack due to some personal issues. I won't say them here, but I've been recovering from them the past 4 hours or so. Huge thanks to my bf for helping me calm down by playing some League of Legends with him after talking it over. Still have a headache but.. I'll manage! 

Today marks my 60th blog post! Yayy! ..Can you guys tell I really want it to be spring yet? Can you also tell I've been trying to make my entries a little more..colorful? Black gets just a bit tiresome after a while. I realllly hope this snow starts to fade away soon. I've had enough of the cold weather already. So on a side note, my boyfriend has a job again! Yayy! And I don't have limited net anymore! Two yays!

Outfit Goodies:
Mouth: Dango. in Cotton Candy

Blouse: Silky Blouse "Charlotte" in White TINTED
G FIeld

Shorts: Poppy+Shorts in Candy
* Vincue ~ @ Hipster Fair

Stockings: Thi-Hi in Mint
Pretty Liar @ The Azz Show

Shoes: Olycena Bow Pumps in Petal Pink

[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Thank you Posepack Gift
[Expressive Poses] - Rita FREE