Jan 26, 2014

Today is actually a special post dedicated to the home I currently have with Bella Pointe, so I won't be saying too much about the outfit, though I do have a few things to say. First let me just say, this was an entirely unexpected outfit. I went to Bodify and Project Limited and fell in love with Epic's 8-bit items on the spot and then quickly came up with an idea for an outfit. I don't know what it is about those hearts, but I have to have them! Okay, so let me get to the real point of this post..

I've been renting from Bella Pointe for several months now and I'm really glad that I found them through a search. I was hesitant at first because I've had bad experience with renting land in the past from a place who won't be named as they are popular, and I'm not here to deteriorate their reputation. This is in no way affiliated with Bella Pointe, by the way. I'm doing this of my own free will as a customer and it is an honest to good review of their rental services.

By far, Bella Pointe is one of the best places I have rented land from. They were unfortunately not my first, but they may very well be where my search for land ends (the only one I keep renting from, I mean). This is actually where a large amount of my pictures are taken. You can't really see too much since it gets cropped out, but it is definitely a nice place for picture taking if you want some scenery in the back of your photos.

They're fast to respond to support related questions (within a 24 hour period, always.) and their staff is polite and ready to help. No matter the price you pay, you get a really pretty, private, sceneric globe to decorate.  There's waterfalls, trees, water that you can actually swim in or drive a  jet ski(me and my friends have loads of fun with that), and even a little cave you can use. As long as you're good with decorating (or you have someone to help who is), you're getting your money's worth. The one thing I love about them is that you don't have to worry about telling the land owners that your friend wants to be included in the rent so that they need an invite or paying for the rent. As soon as you rent the land, it's yours! I can add my friends and remove them as I please! And they can pay without having to worry if the credit will be applied. I also like that the rental yells at you every day until you pay the rent, though that could also be slightly annoying, considering it does start to do it when you have six days left. If you only have a few though, it's very convenient to know if you're low on cash and haven't been able to pay!

I've never had any issues in the long while that I've been here and I hope it continues to stay that way for as long as I stay here. It's pretty, it's private, and it's quiet. In a few of the other places I've rented I've had terrible lag issues (or my friends have) and those are nonexistent here. I also don't have nosy neighbors trying to peek into my place (that I know of) or bothering myself or my friends. I've recommended them to each and every person I've known that was looking for a place to stay, because I know you'll get the best service! They really know how to take care of their residents. So if YOU'RE looking for a place to rent.. why not try Bella Pointe? You never know, it might just be that one place you can call 'home'. Thank you Bella Pointe, for being the one place I can truly call my home! ♥♥♥

Outfit Goodies:
Hair: Sudden

Face / Body-
Skin: Ulzzang in X Tone GROUP GIFT
The Sugar Garden

Blush 1: Tintable Textured Blush - Light
The Sugar Garden

Blush 2: HIgh Maintenance Blush - Princess
The Sugar Garden

Eyeliner: Eyeliner "Cat"

Eyes: Luminate in Pink
The Sugar Garden

Lips: Angel Lipstick in Pink
The Sugar Garden

Mouth: Kumaface. - Strawberry Chocolate

Hoodie: Lost Hearts Hoodie {Baby.Pink}
*Epic* @ Bodify

Shorts: Rip Shorts Jeans

Stockings: Thi-Hi - BubbleGum
Pretty Liar @ The Azz Show

Shoes: 8-Bit Heart Sneaker Wedges {Baby.Pink} LIMITED
*Epic* @ Project Limited

Wings: Truffles RARE GACHA

Nails: Pastel Leaf Slink Nail Appliers

Garter: Garter Love

::AW:: 4 free poses gift
[Kokolores] Drama! poses
E.inK ~ six free poses