Feb 24, 2014

Hey everyone. I'm sorry, I know I have a lot of catching up to do on blogging. Life's been hectic the past couple of weeks due to my father's unexpected death, but it's -almost- over. We still have to clean out my dad's apartment though.. which has to be finished by the 28th. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that much anymore, because not only does being there affect my health, it stresses me out to levels higher than I really want to deal with. I suppose you could say that's why I've been taking semi-long breaks with my blog posts. It's just more than I can handle right now, especially since I've had very little time to myself.

But now that it's almost over.. I suppose I can try to sneak in a few blog posts before this month ends. I apologize for how long this may be taking, but I'm not completely quitting everything. Blogging is still a passion of mine that I want to continue to pursue. <3 I dressed up nice and minty today, because bright colors seem to help my mood some.. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit Goodies:
Collar :: Good Kitty Collar - Mint {GACHA}

Crown :: Regal Crown Silver/Mint {GACHA}
Violent Seduction 

Garters :: Mint/Silver Vinyl Star Garter {GACHA} NEW 
Violent Seduction

Breasts :: Lush Breasts 1.4

Butt :: Cute Azz
Luck Inc.

Eyes :: Alaska~ Spring Eyes

Lips :: Honey Lipbalm 04

Dress :: Illusion Dress - Mint {With Lush/Phat Azz Appliers} NEW
{PixelGeek} {Whore Couture Fair 3}

Stockings :: Thi-Hi - Mint
Pretty Liar

Shoes :: Cupid Creepers - Mint {Slink FLAT feet ONLY}

Hair :: [03] Shade

*PosESioN* Element Set {kustom9}