Apr 30, 2014

Yeah yeah, I know. Once again, I'm sorry for being so far behind everything. The Cutie Moon Fair has probably been over for what, over a month now? -laughs- Once again real life has hit me with the worst, but I'll overcome it hopefully. I hope all you lovely people have at least been well! One of my good friends is coming to visit me in just a couple of weeks, so I do have something to look forward to amidst all of this chaos! Lately the weather's been really dreary too. It's starting to get to me. 

Today's newer (they're not that new anymore.. sorry again) goodies are from Tokyo Girl, Amai, and Witches&Rats! Hope you enjoy. <3 I will try to squeeze another post in later today to make up for my huge absense. I also made the text for the blog a little bigger, so hopefully those of you who have difficulties reading smaller text can read it a lot easier now! Back to Minecraft with boyfriend~

Outfit Goodies:
Collar :: Good Kitty Collar - Red {GACHA}

Mouthie :: Kai Bekon. - Skunk {Group Gift}

Nails :: Senshi Princesses

Ring :: Bye Bye Bunneh - Ring - Black
{Witches&Rats} {Suicide Dollz}

Wand :: Moonlight Magic - Cutie Moon Rod Black {GACHA}

Dress :: Sweet Sailor Dress - Tuxedo Rose
The Secret Store

Stockings :: Scout Stockings - Pluto {w/ Azz Applier}

Eyes :: Real Brown Sugar
!Chop Shop!

Hair :: Hair Ariane

Shoes :: Myr Boots - Black

.mien. {troubled}