Jun 11, 2014

Afternoon! It actually took me two days to figure out what I wanted to do with these stockings.. I just could not for the life of me come up with anything. It's just stockings! It should be simple, right? ..Wrong. I figured it would be silly to go and buy a whole new outfit just for it, so I dug through my inventory and cleaned it out, then found some stuff to put together, and voila! I also stopped by the Hello Sunshine Fair and grabbed a few goodies as well. It was unbearably laggy there though, and I crashed a few times which is pretty unheard of for me. So I would highly suggest that you wait until you go unless you reallyy think it's worth it. Onto the goodies!

Outfit of the Day:

{ Accessories }
Collar :: Chained Hearts Collar - Black

Earrings :: Doll Earrings - Black

Face Piercing :: Lilith Piercing INK

Hair Bow :: My Spiked Bow GROUP GIFT

Ring :: Black Cross Ring
Room of Amo

{ Clothing }
Shorts :: Mesh Mini Shorts with belt 

Stockings :: Faint Stockings {w/ Azz/SLINK Appliers} **GROUP GIFT** NEW RELEASE

Top :: Cannes Vintage Tee

{ Miscellaneous }
Eyes :: Luminate - Dark Brown

Hair :: Tainted Love - Roots

Lips :: Overly Transparent Lipgloss & Teeth - Nude NEW RELEASE
Pink Acid {Hello Sunshine Fair}

Shoes :: Liberty Wedges -(MID)- Black {for SLINK med feet} NEW RELEASE
*REIGN. {Hello Sunshine Fair}

Skin :: CHO Clean *doux* brunette

{ Poses }
{CP} Ai Dollarbie
{CP} Halloween