Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hi everyone. Sorry to be a downer again, but I'm still not feeling the greatest. I'm sure whoever of you know me from plurk are quite aware of that.. But for those of you who aren't, depression's been up and kicking my ass the past week or so. I'll be home on the weekend, but.. I won't have my computer, and that means no blogging for a little while. I'll still be trying to raise funds to get a new hard drive, but I have no idea when the purchasing of one will actually happen or how long it will take once it's here. I've been doing my best to blog when I can to get all the new stuff I have to you guys (and so I am up to date with my blogging groups), but my drive to blog is totally busted (just like my laptop..) lately. I'm doing my best! I'm very sorry.. </3

This look is probably the last 'summery' look you'll get from me unfortunately, since I'm not sure it will still be summer when I'm able to blog again. But I'll definitely have just a few more looks to show you before I head off.. Keep reading to grab the goods, loves.

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }
Belt :: [Kuroi Hane] Rock Belt
Earrings :: lassitude & ennui Winged earrings silver @ Jewelry Fair // NEW RELEASE
Hair Bow :: {W&R} Cute Plastic Headband - Turquoise // NEW RELEASE
Hair Piece :: ALTAIR* bun bun bunny .white.
Lollipop :: {W&R} Star Lollipop - Rare o2 - Mouthie
Nails/Toes :: Intrepid:: Pastel Leaf Slink Appliers

{ Clothing }
Cardigan :: .tsg. Cutie Cardi - White
Shorts :: EMPORIUM - Rip Shorts Jean {w/ Azz applier}
Top :: Tee*fy Sadie Shirt - Pink

{ Miscellaneous }
Eyes :: [Buzz] Crystal Eye - Pitch
Hair :: ::Envious Creations:: Rogue Insanity // NEW RELEASE
Sandals :: [L Warwick] Flup-Flops Autumn // NEW RELEASE

{ Poses }
{W&R} Puu !!!!!
SKBIOanimations - Wearisome Set