Oct 15, 2014

Oh, hi there darlings! Did I surprise you? This is no mistake, I'm doing two posts in one day! ;D And I will be doing the same tomorrow before I go. Mostly because I could not wait to show you these awesome new things and my love for dressing up for Halloween. The other reason is as said before.. I'm leaving for a week! And I'm gonna miss blogging really bad. I also have tons to blog.. so I figure it would be less stress to get some done ahead of time! Plus I just can't stop myself from wanting to dress my avatar up.

The Bloody Horror Fair is now open, by the way! So get your little (or big) butts down there because there is SO much to choose from and everything is amazing. I can't contain my excitement! If you want to know where everything came from, make sure you keep reading because that's where it will be!

 Outfit of the Day:
 { Accessories }
 Caged Headbow :: Violent Seduction - Criminal Hairbow Monochrome [Criminal Monochrome outfit]
Earrings :: :FY: Rib Cage Earrings (black) RARE [Bloody Horror Fair]
Knife :: .DirtyStories. Halloween Lollipop - Dirty [Bloody Horror Fair]
Winged Headband :: - Pr!ck - Tenebre { Black } [Bloody Horror Fair]

{ Clothing }
Bra :: Violent Seduction - Criminal Bra [Criminal Monochrome outfit]
Caged Skirt :: Violent Seduction - Criminal Cage Skirt [Criminal Monochrome outfit]
Corset :: PANTSU*HUNTER somber rose corset [Bloody Horror Fair] {comes with corset accessories} / NEW RELEASE
Panties :: [RA] String - Black (Phat Azz Applier)
Stockings :: *SIREN* Socks Strapped Black [Bloody Horror Fair]

{ Miscellaneous }
Blood Splatters :: REPULSE - Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo
Claws :: -DRD- demonhands
Eyes :: Babydoll. Mystic Eyes / Purple Ice [Bloody Horror Fair]
Fangs :: Cain - Realistic Vampire Fangs
Face Makeup :: {Wicked} Peach Macabre Face Paint - 3 [Cosmetic Fair] / NEW RELEASE
Hair :: .Olive. the Ryleigh Hair [kustom9]
Shoes :: ::DirtyMind:: Sanaa Stiletto Sandals - Black
Skin :: [Chickadee] Sera - Porcelain - DB

{ Poses }
/// offbeat /// K9 Happy B.day Gift / FREEBIE