Oct 26, 2014

Hey hey! How is everyone? So I was told yesterday that my laptop would be looked at today but the bad news is, it's not likely that anything can be recovered from it due to the nature of the hard drive. It's most unfortunate, but also not the first time I've lost everything. Anyway! On the upside, my boyfriend somehow fixed something with his driver, so I can take pictures on my land without having to worry about crashing!

I have more new stuff for the Bloody Horror Fair and Terrorific! I went with another creepy look, but no worries. I'll have some bright sunshine-y goods for you coming soon. I'm sure a lot of you enjoy seeing the creepy stuff for now though, right?

The name for today's post is based off of a fairly.. creepy song by Vance Joy. My sister showed it to me while we were on the beach near the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, which pretty much creeped me out until we went back inside for the night. I thought of the runny makeup like there was in the video and voila, name of today's look! I'll have the song under the credits for those interested, so make sure you read if you want to watch the video (and get the goodies!)

Outfit of the Day:
Coffin :: !bang - coffin {Terrorific} / SL Hunt!
Dress :: {Poptart} Voodoo Dress (Black) {Bloody Horror Fair}
Earrings :: .random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings - Black
Eyes :: !Chop Shop! Zero-In Red {Bloody Horror Fair}
Garter :: .MS. Sexy Leather Legstrap - Noir
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Suspiria // Merlot
Horns :: [Fetch] Wire Horns {Terrorific} / SL Hunt!
Lipstick :: -UtopiaH- Matte Ruby Lipstick
Nails :: DP - Koffin Nails - Ouija Boardl {Cosmetic Fair}
Shoes :: *REIGN.- Bella Wedges- Black
Skin :: Essences - CHO Clean Browless *doux* [Azz/SLINK appliers]
Smudged Mascara :: BabyDoll. Bleeding Mascara / 2 {Bloody Horror Fair}
Socks :: -SU!- Lady Rebel Socks #06 [Azz/SLINK appliers]
Teeth :: Cain - Realistic vampire fangs