May 14, 2015

Hey lovelies! I know I said I wasn't too sure about blogging before my appointment tomorrow, but I've decided I would get a post out since I'll be too busy to do it on the weekend. Originally I was going to go to the racetrack with my mom afterwards, but my sister told me she had planned a small surprise (late) birthday party for me, so I'll be over there tomorrow! I didn't really get to see anyone or do anything special for my birthday which was a bit disheartening, but I still got a lot of presents from my sister, and my bf took me out shopping the next day. I finally found a pair of pink jeans! He's also going to take me out to a sushi buffet that he heard about next week! I'm excited. :D

I have some newish things from Chop Shop, Alaska Metro and Altair to share today. I know it's not too much but I hope you enjoy it regardless! I struggled a bit with trying to take the picture (ended up taking about 10 shots before I finally liked it) but the outcome was better than I thought it would be. See you next week! 

{ credits }
Bat Deco :: !Chop Shop! Wire Bats Platinum RARE @ Witching Hour
Bracelet :: Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelet - Coal
Glasses :: .tsg. Shy Megane - Black *deco*
Hair :: .Olive. the Harvest Hair
Hair Bow :: ALTAIR* berry bows .blackberry. @ Kawaii Project / COMING TOMORROW
Heart Face Gems :: Sweet Thing. Showgirl Facial Gems - Heart
Nails :: alaskametro<3 metallic pack nail polish Classics/Gold Metallic Swirl - Midnight
Necklace :: ALTAIR* ouija necklace .white.
Piercing :: -SU!- Bonny Piercing /METAL/
Pose :: R.icielli - WALL POSES
Skirt :: Goth1c0: Weirdo Skirt -  Black Velvet @ Dark Style Fair
Stockings :: :FY: Strapped Stockings (black)
Top/Platforms :: !Chop Shop! Ouija @ Thrift Shop