May 23, 2015
So there's this awesome song that originated from Steven Universe for those of you who have heard it. The title of today's post is what it comes from! I kind of need it myself since I'm going through a little toughie right now. This isn't really the point of the song I don't think, but it makes me feel that those who belittle others are the weak, trying to make others feel the same by projecting that feeling of helplessness onto them. Misery loves company as they say. However, it only works if you let it. You're much stronger than them, so keep on fighting whatever battle it is you need to overcome and win. You'll definitely make it; but you need patience, and sometimes asking those close to you for help is appropriate as well.

I've got a beautiful new hair, face tattoo, top, accessories, and mask to show off, so the post is a bit different than usual, closing in on those particular items. I hope you like them! :D

{ credits }

Arm Accessory :: Fawny - Sweet Rose.Bracelet - Black @ We <3 RP / NEW
Collar :: Goth1c0: Pure Love Leather Collar @ Dark Style Fair
Face Tattoo :: {Wicked} Peach - Waterfalls 7 @ Cosmetic Fair
Hair :: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tori hair @ Shiny Shabby / NEW
Head Accessory :: Fawny - Sweet Rose.Wreath - Black @ We <3 RP / NEW
Mask :: [Masked Menace] - Noh Mask - Kamen Menasu - 1 RARE @ The Fantasy Collective / NEW
Nails :: #adored - back to black mani
Necklace :: .Keystone. Hex Collar - Onyx
Pose :: (*ANGELICA) IDOL #6
Skin (*ANGELICA) MINA :sugar: @ Kawaii Project
Top :: Fawny - Elegant Warrior.Top @ The Fantasy Collective / NEW

Photo taken at xin.