Jun 22, 2015

Helloo and good evening lovelies! I had the outfit and the photo all planned out yesterday, but I decided last minute that I really didn't like it as much as originally had. It took a lot of time to redo it because I kept having issues with trying to get shadows into the picture (and putting the laptop on max, which makes it go extremely slow even when trying to change the windlight and such). It was a pain, but it was worth it! I also redid it because I didn't like the hair I originally chose with this outfit. Plus, Magika is having a 50% off sale, so I totally splurged and bought a few cute hairs. Ahem. Normally I wouldn't credit furniture items in a place that doesn't belong to me, but these items are gorgeous and share-worthy. I've also linked the location they were taken, one which I had originally thought was no longer existent. I'm happy to know that it's still up and running!  :D Here's an extra pic so you can see the super pretty job the owner of Dimbula Rose did decorating! Sorry for being late with getting the flickr pick up. There were some difficulties with the site. I hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Balloons :: {anc} cirque de reverie .14/ nuit / balloon stand air 1Li
Basket :: Scarlet Creative Amelie Basket
Book Pile :: {anc} garden. whitebook 4Li
Broken Ladder :: {anc} cirque de reverie .17/ blanc / ballon / ladder 4Li
Cake :: poche snow white cake
Couch :: floorplan. sailor's loveseat / white PG
Curtains :: *bbqq*-curtains-A-cream
Daybed :: {anc} Aurorabed . 9Li
Drapes :: {anc} cirque de reverie .4/ blanc / curtain 2Li
Drink :: poche snow white Cocktail
Globe :: [ keke ] 'lets fly away' globe - neut
Hanging Lamp :: ISON - hanging lamp (silver)
Hanging Lights :: [ keke ] twinkle pendel bright - maxi
Hanging Stool :: {anc} le cirque de reverie .7/ blanc / white /hangingchair  2Li
Moon Harp :: {anc} garden. ladyinmoon 1Li
Portrait :: LISP - Highwayman Stormy Moon Picture
Rabbit Head :: Picnic rabbit head DU5,ltd M
Rose Candle Chandelier :: {anc} cirque de reverie .19/ blanc / ball 1Li
Snow Globe :: [ keke ] snow jar - deers
Stool :: {anc} cirque de reverie .7/ blanc / white / chair 1Li
Sun Ornament :: [ keke ] the sky is the limit - sun RARE
Table :: [ keke ] winter table
Tea Cup :: :::DR::: Alice tea cup
Tree :: Air_Magnolia tree_white_CM
Turtle Plant :: ISON HOME - fatty turtle

Corset/Garter/Hair Deco/Heels/Rose Deco :: GizzA - Alice Corset {Alice in Sexyland}
Hair :: Magika [02] Beans
Nails :: Adoness: Slink Enhancement Fingernails: Lord Nosense {Alice in Sexyland}
Pose :: {Mango Cheeks} Frenchie Pose Set

Photo taken at Dimbula Rose.