Jun 29, 2015

Hello hello! Don't fret if you forgot all about MIZU.. it's still going until July 7th (Japan Time)! Today's outfit was inspired by my geisha career a few years back. I'm busting out the old accessories and bringing back all the memories. Weeping willows and hydrangea kanzashi (hair pieces) are what geisha wear in the month of June for the rainy season, which was one of the things my okaasan taught me. My outfit is NOT in any way an actual geisha though, I suppose I can educate you a little if you're unfamiliar with what an actual geisha is. I believe the type of kimono I'm wearing is called komon. The hairstyle (and makeup) would need to be different in order to mimic the style of a real maiko or geiko. I kind of miss being a geisha, but I'm not sure I'll be able to dedicate my time to it anymore. I am glad I got to experience that kind of joy again for a few moments though. Hope you enjoy the post! Oneword and Manga Fair start up very soon!

{ credits }

Eyes :: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes - Pitch
Hair :: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tami hair
Kago :: kisetsu - Mini Kago - Hoshi
Kanzashi :: [Tenran] Jr. Maiko :: June Yanagi Hanakanzashi Ogi
Kimono :: {amiable}Summer Japanese Yukata12(2015) {MIZU}
Nails :: *BOOM* Winter Nail Set
Pose :: (marukin) LIGHT for c88 june 2014
Sandals :: ~Ss~JP wooden sandals(F) P/B {MIZU}

Photo taken at Kinkaku-ji Garden.