Jul 1, 2015

Hello hello! Happy July~ Oh my gosh, it's the beginning of a new month and today has already been off to a bad start. I mean, not the kind where I'd kick and scream but I needed a little escape with blogging because one thing after another keeps going on today. It's very frustrating.. Can it be Friday yet? The internet has been cutting out on and off ever since I woke up, but it stopped just enough for me to take the picture and make this blog post for you guys! It's been having issues all morning (and afternoon), I assume because of the thunderstorms we've been getting. I did do some stuff yesterday even though it stormed and poured for what seemed like for ever, and it was fun! I got new makeup to use because I can't seem to find some of my other stuff which is a bummer, since I always had it with me when I go out! I finally found a nice red lip color that goes well with my skintone too. :D

Anyway! I'm doing one or two last posts for MIZU before it closes up on the 7th. I should be done with that by the 3rd (hopefully) so I can cover some of Candy Fair for you guys! If not, well you know it will be soon regardless! So excite. I did a sort of casual lolita look today, because Ambrosia's adorable jumper for the event (MIZU) inspired me to! And what kind of lolita doesn't like sweets? So bam, Black Bantam's yummy donut gacha set made its way in too.. well, maybe the whole kitchen did. D; I put on as much accessories as I could think of to go with the outfit, I guess to see if I could reach the limit of attachments.. -laughs- I don't think I came anywhere near, but I did have fun regardless. Let me get to the credits to share it all with you!

{ credits }

Coffee Pot :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Coffee Pot 1
Container :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Bakeware 2
Counter :: Scarlet Creative Love the Beach Kitchen Table
Dishes :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Plates 4
Donut Tray :: [Black Bantam] Fresh Baked Donuts Grill & Tray RARE {Shiny Shabby}
Flour Set :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Baking RARE
Flower Lights :: +Half-Deer+ Flower Stringlights - Straight
Frosting :: [Black Bantam] Frosting Piping Bags {Shiny Shabby}
Frosting Bowl :: [Black Bantam] Chocolate Frosting Bowl {Shiny Shabby}
Jars :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Cookie Jars (Pink)
Large Donut Box :: [Black Bantam] Box O' Frosted Donuts {Shiny Shabby}
Small Donut Box :: [Black Bantam] Box Of Donut & Strawberries {Shiny Shabby}
Sprinkles Bowl :: [Black Bantam] Sprinkles & Vanilla In My Bowl {Shiny Shabby}
Towels :: [GA] Kitchen Towels

Bracelet :: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Black
Bunny Collar :: Pink Acid Silver & Pearl Bunny Rabbit Choker <3
Creepers :: FLite. Creepers 1.0 Black SLink Fem
Crystal Ring :: .Atomic. {Macabre} Skull Ring
Dress :: ***Ambrosia*** Mesh_Ribbon Prom Dress {MIZU}
Garter :: Sweet Thing. Coal Pentagram Trick Garter
Glasses :: .Pekka. Kawaii Glasses - Black
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Melody (Prints) // Chapter III : Magic
Hair Bows :: Sweet Thing. Celi White Hair Bows
Head Wings :: Sweet Thing. Demon Mini Wings
Heart Ring :: REIGN.- Darling Ring- Heart (Black)
Nails :: *Fishy Strawberry* Slink Fingernails Applier - Contrast
Odango :: Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon Odango
Phone :: VCO - miki phon _ <black>
Pose :: /// offbeat /// K9 Happy B.day Gift
Socks :: .tsg. Prissy Ruffle Sock  - White
Stockings :: -SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #10
Sweater :: :FY: Callie Hoodie
Tattoo :: [KoKoLoReS]BP- The Simple Things tattoo {MSO} COMING 7/5