Sep 2, 2015

 « sunny side up 🍳🍳 »
That was how I always liked to eat my eggs anyway. Although I'm fine with them in pretty much any way, as long as I can eat them with my bread! Eggs are a great source of protein and simply delicious. Although I'm sure not everyone would agree. That was why I was excited to blog this outfit today! Make sure you eat if you're hungry because this outfit will make your mouth water!

{ credits }

Collar :: Sweet Thing. Puppy's Princess Collar & Leash {The Arcade} / NEW
Earrings :: .tsg. Egg Earrings Oval - Pink {Deviled Egg}
Ears :: Sweet Thing. Puppy Playtime Ears {The Arcade} / NEW
Egg Bag :: ALTAIR* Egg Bag
Eyes :: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI EYES #ghana sweet / VIP GIFT
Hair :: pr!tty - Lara - [Brown B]
Pink Egg Rings :: .tsg. Egg Ring Heart/Oval - Pink {Deviled Egg}
Pose :: Image Essentials - Vintage 2 (b) {Vintage & Cool Fair}
Shoes :: - Charlie.Wedges (White) - Slink {N21}
Shorts :: even.flow - Vintage Denim Shorts "{Vintage & Cool Fair}
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI :cream: / VIP GIFT
Top :: ALTAIR* egg crop shirts .pink. {Deviled Egg} / NEW
Yellow Egg Rings :: .tsg. Egg Ring Heart/Oval - Yellow {Deviled Egg}