Dec 27, 2015

 「'tis the season」
Heyy! So now that Christmas has passed, I'm done taking a little break (for now) to share some new goodies. :D How was your Christmas (or day, if you don't celebrate)? I hope you had a good one! I got some neat stuff, but most importantly things I can use on a daily basis, so that was good. No Hello Kitty this year! Which was actually surprising, since that's all I ever say when people ask what to get me. There is another holiday coming up so I might take another short break, but we'll see! I hope you didn't miss me too much. <3 

By the way, holy cow. Thank you guys for your continuous support! 75,000 pageviews was a number I didn't think I'd be seeing anytime this year. I've improved a lot and learned new tricks and tips, so I hope that next year will be even better in terms of photography growth! I guess that is a new year's resolution right there. ^_^ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

{ credits }

Bundled Penguin || Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Pudgy Penguin Basic RARE [albino] {n21}
Bundt Cake || Pink Acid Gramma's Holy Berry Bundt Cake - Choco Vanilla2 {l&f} . new~
Cocoa Set || Pink Acid/Black Bantam Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Tray Gift . group gift~
Collar || . Quirky . - Jade Collar - Red
Dress || *Cila*Yana Onepiece Dress RARE1 {sanarae} . new~
Dress Collar || *Cila*Yana winter collar-rose {sanarae} . new~
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ahri hair {wayward market}
Hair Accessories || .tsg. Hair Ornament Peony Clips - Red [tinted]
Lights Penguin || Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Pudgy Penguin Lights RARE [albino] {n21}
Santa Penguin || Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Pudgy Penguin Santa's Helper RARE [albino] {n21}
Shoes || {Livalle} Classico -Glitter Heels- Ruby Sparkle {sanarae} . new~
Stockings || . Quirky . - Happy Birthday Stocking - Red
Tattoo || E. Frost Becomes You (MAITREYA)
Teacup || Pink Acid Gramma's Cup'a Tea - Rusted White {l&f} . new~
Teacup Puppy || Sweet Thing. Albino Teacup Poodle {kawaii project}