Dec 22, 2015

 「warm winter」
Heyy! Long time no see. I needed a break, because my blog posts were only in the teens, but it felt like I had done over 50. I got a little stressed and decided to relax. I've got new things from Vincue to share today though! Oh, also I went to see the new Star Wars movie everyone is raving about, with my sisters a couple nights ago. It was actually much better than expected. I won't spoil anything, so go see it for yourself! Happy Holidays!

{ credits }

Collar || { V I N C U E } Kittie+Choker [Gold] - RARE {N21} . new~
Dress || -Pixicat- Unicorn.Dress - Pink
Earmuffs || . Quirky . - Mimi Ear Muffs {kawaii project}
Ears || { V I N C U E } Kittie+HeadBand [Gold] - RARE {N21} . new~

Hair || [LCKY] Zombie
Nails || .tsg. Almond Nails - Twin Stars