Jul 19, 2016

 ►okinawa dessert◄
I guess I don't really have any room for blogging breaks, do I? :'D I just have a lot to cover this month and I'm having fun making outfits! Actually I'm kinda.. running out of things to put together with the new things I have, because for once it's hairs and accessories rather than clothing! That just means I can finally cover stuff I bought (or in this case, items I was given. Thanks for the outfit Runa!) a while back outfit-wise. 

Oh! I just got accepted to blog for a decor store which was pretty fantastic! I've been wanting to cover more decor in my posts for a while. Normally I just take things I already have and put them together when I want to use decorations in a post, and it kind of gets boring using the same things over and over. So, if you haven't heard of Toiz, well now you can check them out because I'll be giving you LMs! Anyhow! Onto the goods.

{ credits }

Boxes | [Toiz] 4. box deco {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Deco | [Toiz] 3. flag {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Ice Cups | [Toiz] 9. kakigori deco (ichigo, lemon, melon, blue hawaii) {okinawa summer festival} . new~

Ice Machine | [Toiz] 1. kakigori machine {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Ice Syrups | [Toiz] 2. syrup {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Menu | [Toiz] 6. kakigori menu {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Set | [Toiz] 15. at the okinawa rare {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Table | [Toiz] 5. table set {okinawa summer festival} . new~

Bracelet | ALTAIR* macaron bracelet {kawaii project} . new~
Eyes | .ARISE. Nas Eyes / Plum
Frozen Ice Dessert | [Toiz] 13. kakigori ichigo {okinawa summer festival} . new~
Garters/Heels/Stockings | =Zenith=Dolly Platforms (Pink) -Maitreya
Hair | [NANI] Nini.Hair {hair fair} . new~
Hair Bow | tram -petit ribbon [front S]
Mouthie | *Glucose Girl* On mouth {epiphany gift}
Outfit | AMITOMO / rainy day's morning / 7 / {okinawa summer festival}
Pose | .GlamRus. Hailey 02