Aug 6, 2016

 ►fed up◄
Good afternoon! You know when a photo comes out just right and you don't even have to fight or fuss? Yeah that happens once in a blue moon for me. Apparently that day is today though! I really love how the pic turned out, so I hope you feel the same. <3 Manga Fair is now open, by the way! I've got a landmark for you so you can visit when you're able. New goodies are awesome right? Well I've got a lot of new things, so keep reading for the credits! I took today's photo at Vintage Romance~

{ credits }

Ahoge | [Nekotron] Ahoge 4 {manga fair} . new!
Blush | Veechi - Blush Kit [light pink] {manga fair} . new!
Choker | .WINGED. Kitty Choker_ Pink {manga fair} . new!
Dress | ALTAIR* maria dress .pink+white. maitreya exp {the chapter four} . new!

Eye Makeup | Veechi - Kami Shadow Liner [pink] {manga fair} . new!
Eyepatch | {Imeka} Heart eyepatch {manga fair} . new!
Eyes | {S0NG} :: Lolita~ Garden Eye {gacha garden}
Hair | [NANI] Melody.Hair RARE {fantasy gacha carnival} . opens tomorrow!
Heels | Violent Seduction - Dauphine Heels (Pink)
Pet | darkendStare. Mini Feather Dragons [Sweet] RARE {manga fair} . new!
Pose | R.icielli -  MODEL Poses 03 / 03
Socks | +Fawn's Demise+ RippedSocks - Sporty .Pink. {manga fair} . new!