Oct 6, 2016

Yeah.. today's been really irritating and the same for yesterday. My mood hasn't really gotten better yet. The only difference is I'm forcing myself to get something done to be productive today! (Not that I wasn't being productive, but doesn't really feel like it.) So.. have a blog post. Gonna go get my mind off of shit now so I can enjoy the rest of my night! Hope you all have a lovely evening/morning/whatever it is where you are. Photo taken at Pumpkin Town. You should visit if you get the chance, it's spooky.

{ credits }

Ears | +Half-Deer+ Mewnificent - Gothy Ears {salem}
Eye Wound | **UrbanStreet** Bruise Eyes-Red {the nightmare event} . hunt gift!
Hair with Bloody Wrap | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Morgiana hair {the nightmare event} . new!
Pose | [La Baguette] Fallen Poses - Fallen 6
Sword | Caboodle - Yandere's Katana - RARE {memento mori}
Tongue | [Mello] Demon Tongue {the nightmare event} . hunt gift!
Uniform | =Zenith=autumn school uniforms (Black) -Maitreya {project se7en}