Thursday, March 31, 2016

So.. I was definitely not planning on a blog post today, it just sort of happened. I was originally going for a school look without having to travel in SL, but it turned into this instead. Not that I'm complaining. I just wanted to show you some cute stuff by mignon~ I'll just get to the credits so you can enjoy the goods. Also, thank you so much for all of your support! 90k pageviews came so quickly that I missed it. I'm thinking of doing something special for 100k, but I'm not sure what. I know I will definitely do a blogroll update for it at the very least! What would you like me to do otherwise?

{ credits }

Bottle Lamps | AMERIE - Bottle Lamp Floor
Buddha Statue | Zen & Serenity "Kamakura" Buddha
Bunny Flowers | BananaN Kawaii Bunny vase Blue
Coffee Table | dust bunny . window table
Desk | 6.AMITOMO.School Lectern
Locker | junk. morrison locker cabinet.
Rug | Hosoi Ichiba - Carpet Blossom Small Red - 01
Sakura Lamp | 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Moon Lamp
Shoji Screen | ::JL:: Shoji privacy screen
Side Table | Soy. Table with Drawers (Aged Dark Wood)
Table with Deco | Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 - Artist Desk and Plant
Tea Set | -tres blah- Cozy Winter - Tea Tray RARE
Vase | {Imeka} Rose Vase 01
Zabuton | [pIRA] Zabuton

Hair | [DUE] Tomonaga
Jacket/Skirt | mignon. -School Uniform.
Loafers | mignon. -School loafer. _Maitreya_
Socks | mignon. -School socks.