Tuesday, December 5, 2017

So I've been pretty much nonstop cleaning the past couple of days.. It's been long overdue because I haven't really felt.. well, like me the past few months. I can barely stand to get up and do anything most days. I miss the times I was active, not gonna lie. Cleaning was my stress reliever so it was important for me to do that as often as I did, since I get stressed really easily. So.. I'm going to try to get back into it! We got a new washer and dryer too, so maybe it'll finally make me want to do laundry more (yeah right, who am I kidding?) -laugh- I still have some Christmas shopping to do, but the closer it gets to Christmas the more people will be around the stores.. since you know, a ton of people do last minute shopping. I try NOT to do that if I can help it. Wish me luck!

Anywho! I just felt like doing a pink post today, I guess. Flickr's kinda been tugging on people's views and favs since they recently significantly lowered the allowed group count and now make it so you have to pay if you want more, which I think is stupid because they're going to lose a lot of their userbase (at least for SL, if I had to guess) and it's been putting me off from posting my photos on there.. but I gotta do it, so I will. Hope you like the pink!

{ credits }

Bed | [*Art Dummy!] soma. (chevron pink)
Build | dust bunny . wildrose manor
Candles | +Half-Deer+ Flower Tealights - Group of 3 (Pink)
Cart | +Half-Deer+ Hot Chocolate Bar Cart - ALL 
Chair | Cherry house-Single French sofa - pink
Confetti | +Half-Deer+ Heart Glitter - Pink B
Curtains | +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Tied (Pink)
Dresser | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Dresser
Heater | {what next} Toasty Space Heater (pink)
Lamp | +Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp - Cat - Pink
Makeup | -tb- Vanity - Makeup Bag RARE
-tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Clutter
Makeup Organizer | [blissiere] vanity set - makeup caddy
Phone | -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Hot Lips Phone (Pink)
Rose Box | Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)
Rug | +Half-Deer+ Frilly Heart Rug - Polkadots - Pink
Shelf | -ATTIC- I Wish Shelf Plugged (Pink
Table | +Half-Deer+ Valentine Tea Table - Baby Pink
.Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Table
Tray | dust bunny . cocoa & cookies tray
Treats | .random.Matter. - Seasons Treats - Cocoa [Strawberry]
.random.Matter. - Seasons Treats - Cocoa [Matcha]
.random.Matter. - Seasons Treats - Truffles
.random.Matter. - Seasons Treats - Cupcake Box
.random.Matter. - Seasons Treats - Cookies @ tannenbaum
Wall Butterfly | {moss&mink} 3D Butterfly - Pink

Choker | Blah. (My Donut Choker) Strawberry *
Hair | TRUTH / Ginevra group gift
Heels | Blah. (Sweet Gelato Pumps) Pink
Lips | [POUT!] Sugar lips - CATWA Applier gift
Nails | alaskametro<3 "Sweet Things" nails Bubblegum Maitreya
Panties | {vincue} & [CX] - Airie+Undie [Maitreya] RARE
Pose | BellePoses - Grace 5 (Mirrored) @ industrie
Skin | Catwa Skin applier Peach Tone - Enferra (Enfer Sombre*)
Skirt | {vincue} & [CX] - Airie+Skirt [Maitreya] RARE
Top | {vincue} Boofy+Top [Maitreya]