Friday, December 28, 2018

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and got lots of things you wanted, whether you got them for yourself or your loved ones did. I took a small break when I probably should not have, lol. It's time to get back into the blogging schedule! I'm showing you the last of the stuff I have for Imaginarium today, which closes in just a few days. If you haven't gone yet, well you should do that before the round ends. I also have on an adorable outfit from BUING (just recently changed from KIUKIU). The outfit is still fairly festive I think.. it seems like what would be the aftermath of the holidays (if there were tons of wrapping paper and presents scattered everywhere -laugh-) Just something cozy to have some peace of mind in. I'll try to get another post done later today to catch up, but I surely can't promise anything. Definitely will try my best though, since I hate doing things last minute. Happy holidays~

{ credits }

[Black Bantam] Home For The Holiday Leaning Kitten Set (Bow V1 Red//Bow V1 Red Red) @ n21
{BUING} Snowy Days (RARE B//Skirt 02 [maitreya]//Sweater Red [maitreya]) @ busan
.::KHD::. Trailer Park X-mas (Chair ( Burgundy )//Neon Tree//PerpTurts//Refrigerator//Trailer (RED) RARE//Table//TV//TV Stand) @ imaginarium
friday - Lulu.Booties//Socks
Kirin - Anna Pose 5
:: MOMOCHUU :: CATWA skin applier - Hina - chocolate tea
*Vanilla Bae* Candy Cane Necklace ~ Maitreya

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